Red Dog Plumbing in Melbourne looks after all your hot water service needs. This includes gas hot water systems, electric hot water systems, continuous hot water systems, instantaneous hot water systems, heat pumps and solar hot water systems. We can repair, service and replace all hot water units and can recommend the right unit for you.

Services include:

  • Remove and install New Hot Water Systems
  • Install and service all types of Hot Water
  • Rheem Hot Water specialists
  • Systems including gas, electric and solar.
  • Burst Hot Water Systems

Looking for the best hot water repairs in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs?

It doesn’t matter whether your hot water system is gas or electric, Red Dog Plumbing can repair it fast with a minimum of fuss.  Red Dog Plumbing with its team of fully qualified plumbers and gas fitters provide emergency hot water repairs and replacements across the Western Suburbs of Melbourne from Williamstown, Newport, Altona through to Footscray, Yarraville and Sunshine for both domestic and commercial clients. We will aim to have your hot water flowing again as soon as possible but If we can’t on the same day we can hook you up with an emergency hot water system.  Give us a call on 0418 532 134.  Just holler and we will come!

Emergency hot water repairs in the Western Suburbs.

One of our fully qualified hot water plumbers, can give honest, expert advice on how to resolve your hot water problem, both correctly and cost-effectively. We are Rennai Hot Water service trained and can also provide expert service regarding any hot water service.

Our Red Dog service vehicles offer Credit Card & Eftpos facilities for easy, on-the-spot payment.

Common hot water system issues

We have found that one of the major causes of hot water heater failure is blocked pilot tubes, where we often find spider webs blocking gas flow. Thermocouples, which ensure the gas is only switched on when needed, must be replaced periodically. Other common issues are blocked line strainers, faulty solenoids and faulty ignition packs.

Our fully licensed hot water plumbers will assess the overall age and condition of your hot water unit and advise on a solution that will provide maximum efficiency and unit service life.

Replacement hot water systems

If we find that your hot water system is beyond repair, we can provide and install a range of replacement gas and electric hot water services,  including instantaneous and storage models by leading brands such as Rheem, Dux, Bosch, Vulcan and Rinnai.

We can often do same day system replacement, but if our suppliers are closed we can hook you up with an emergency hot water system and return after suppliers have opened to install your new system.

Tempering valve installation and electrician work

Hot water tempering valves are an important part of your hot water service. They automatically mix hot water with cold for a safe maximum water temperature at your hot water outlets. Our plumbers are licensed to install all types and sizes of hot water tempering valves along with relief valves and cold water isolation valves.

If electrical work is required, we work closely with our approved electricians to ensure all electrical work is carried out to the highest standards of quality and safety.

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Hot Water Systems Western Suburbs Melbourne

Whether you’re a home or a business, hot water is something we just can’t live without. Red Dog Plumbing provide fast response and professional, comprehensive hot water repairs and hot water unit replacement across the Western Suburbs of Melbourne from Williamstown and Newport through to Footescray, Yarraville and Werribee. Don’t settle for a cold shower – just us a holler.



Need a replacement system FAST?
Run out of hot water! Red Dog Plumbing can provide you with expert and prompt hot water service replacement. We can usually do same day replacement and get you singing in the shower quickly.

Looking to upgrade your existing hot water system?
If you’re thinking about upgrading to a newer and more efficient system, look no further. Red Dog Plumbing has a team of qualified hot water plumbers & gasfitters who can provide honest, expert advice to help you choose the right solution for you and your budget.
Call us today  and let us help you choose the best system for you and your family. We are also more than happy to come out to you and give you a fully itemised quote.

Which system to choose?
Most hot water systems available these days are powered either by gas or electricity, and there are many different opinions on which is the best.
Solar and heat pump systems have the ‘free energy’ advantage, but with fewer government rebates on solar now being offered, these systems can be expensive to install. Melbourne can have four distinct seasons with  sunny days during summ