Many Aussies love the winter weather, whilst others tend to hibernate and long for the lost days of summer. Whether you love or hate our Aussie winters, it is essential that you prepare your home for the colder weather, as this helps to avoid any small and unforeseen problems turning into winter catastrophes.

  1. Clear the gutters: A build-up of leaves in the gutters can cause an overflow of rainwater into your roof space and down through your ceilings. Now is the time to clear your gutters, keeping your home free of leaks, regardless of the weather.
  2. Draft proofing: Even the smallest gaps around windows and doors can result in cold winter drafts flowing through your home. Check for any gaps and apply a good quality sealant to keep everyone toasty warm this winter.
  3. Service hot water systems: Cold showers in winter is no-one’s idea of fun, so an annual service of your hot water system will ensure that your water is piping hot all year long.
  4. Clean the chimney: Home owners with a wood fire often forget to inspect and clean their chimney on a regular basis. To avoid house fires, inspect and clean your chimney so it is ready for the winter.
  5. Install gas heating: If you love the thought of an open fire, but don’t want the fuss of a wood burning fire, then converting to gas gives you the same ambiance without the mess, and it is eco-friendly as well.
  6. Check fire alarms: Now is the time to check your fire alarms and replace them with updated models. Check your batteries every six months and look for fire alarms with an additional carbon dioxide alarm for extra safety.
  7. Insulate your home: Most Aussie homes have roof insulation, but it might not be the most efficient product available. So check the age and quality of your insulation and if necessary, replace it with a more environmentally friendly option that will also keep your home warmer in winter and cut down on your energy bills.
  8. Service the A/C: Whether you have ducted A/C, an inverter or a reverse cycle unit, many Aussies use these systems to heat their homes during winter. It always pays to have the A/C serviced annually, so that your home is kept at the right temperature inside, regardless of the weather.
  9. Check your roof: Common causes of leaking roofs are worn flashing and broken or missing tiles. A thorough check of your roof every year doesn’t take long and is an effective strategy to prepare your home for winter.
  10. Double glazing: Popular in the northern hemisphere, double glazing helps you to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer, and it cuts down on your power bills as well. Double glazing can be a very astute investment for your home, paying dividends for many years into the future.

Not everyone will need all of these 10 strategies to prepare their homes for the winter season, but even just a few of them will help to keep your home warm and toasty, and cut down on your heating bills as well.