Most of us clean our homes on a regular basis, but there are some spots that need more attention than others. These are the places where germs are known to grow, so it pays to give these areas extra attention, particularly if you have young children in your home or anyone with a lowered immunity.

So here are eight areas in your home that need extra attention, if you want to keep your home free from germs.

Vacuum Cleaners:

Whilst we use our vacuum cleaners to keep our homes clean, it’s also one of the biggest collectors of germs! All of the hair, pet dander and dust mites that zip up your vacuum can bring with them lots of germs and even if you empty your vacuum cleaner regularly, these germs can still linger – so you also need to clean your vacuum! The best way is to wash any attachments and compartments with warm soapy water, clear any dust from the filters and keep the brush free from debris by cleaning it with an old comb (just as you would your hair brush).

Front Door Mats:

The collection of dirt, dust and germs on your front door mat is amazing, because after all, it’s meant to keep debris from your shoes being traipsed into your home. You might be surprised to learn that much of this dirt is actually faecal bacteria, so always leave your shoes outside, vacuum your front door mat and even spray it with disinfectant regularly.

Fridge Seals:

Mould and germs can take root along the door seals of your fridge, so always wipe these seals clean with a disinfectant spray weekly.

Remote Controls:

As you can imagine, if people don’t wash their hands regularly, your remote controls can be covered in germs. With more than one remote control in most homes, that’s a lot of germs just lying around! Always clean your remotes with a disinfectant wipe at least daily, getting in between the buttons where germs can take hold if left too long.

Toothbrush Holders:

According to one study, toothbrush holders are one of the worst harbours of germs in your home! So always make sure that your toothbrush holder can be easily washed and pop it into the dishwasher daily.

Washing Machines:

With everything that goes into the washing machine, it’s no surprise that it can harbour germs. Just think of all the cloth nappies, underwear, kids clothes and other contaminated clothing that gets put into the washing machine! All of these germs can remain lingering in your washing machine and be transferred to your clean clothes, so wash any contaminated clothes on the hot cycle to kill these germs and even add in a bleach solution to the rinse cycle.


Kitchen sponges can collect an amazing number of germs quite easily, so wash them regularly on a hot water cycle with added bleach, and replace them at least weekly.

Reusable Shopping Bags:

Whilst these reusable bags are great for the environment, they can harbour germs as well, particularly when you use them for groceries. Always wipe them over with a disinfectant spray after each use and let them dry thoroughly in the sun.

Once you add these simple chores to your cleaning schedule, your home will be as germ free as possible!