When you have a problem with your plumbing, it’s the small and insignificant problems that if ignored can become very big and very expensive disasters. Most of us know when it’s time to call in the plumber, however there are still a few of us who listen to Old Wives’ Tales or Plumbing Myths as they are sometimes termed.

So let’s take a look at some of the myths that might cause you a lot more trouble than you anticipated!

Myth 1 -A leaky faucet doesn’t need addressing

Some people leave a dripping tap until it becomes extremely annoying or starts to leak water everywhere. This doesn’t make any sense, because apart from being one of those noises that drives most of us up the wall, a dripping or leaking tap not only wastes a significant amount of water, but also increases your water bill; always fix leaking taps immediately.

Myth 2 – Dishwashers are a waste of water

You might be surprised to learn that the opposite is true. Dishwashers are designed to use as little water as possible, whereas when you wash the dishes by hand, you can use three or four times as much water as a dishwasher.

Myth 3 – Chemical drain cleaners don’t ruin your pipes

Whilst chemical drain cleaners might well remove the obstruction in your pipes, over time they will also start to erode the pipe itself. Use these chemical solutions too often and you can be in big trouble; it’s much safer to ask a plumber to fix the problem, which they can do quickly and easily using CCTV.

Myth 4 – Items marked flushable are always flushable

You might have noticed that some personal items are promoted as ‘flushable’? In particular, personal hygiene wipes and feminine products; except they are not flushable and only lead to blocked toilets and sewer pipes, and even pollute our environment. Do not flush anything but number ones, number twos and tissue paper down the toilet. Dispose of everything else (including nappies) using another safe and hygienic method.

Myth 5 – Lemons can be used to freshen your garbage disposal

Whilst most of us have heard that lemons are great for cleaning things around the kitchen, they are not so good at cleaning kitchen garbage disposal units. This is because the acid in the lemons eats away at the metal of the drain and blades, so instead use soap and water and a good brush to remove any baked on food remnants.

Myth 6 – All plumbers have the same qualifications

It’s fair to say that all plumbers have the same qualifications, except for plumber/gas fitters who have the extra training that is legally required to install, service and repair gas appliances and equipment. For example stoves, gas ovens and hot water systems, as well as detecting leaks, fitting gas pipes and anything else to do with gas.

The big difference between plumbers is their experience and the way they treat their customers. At Red Dog Plumbing, we have over 20 years’ experience in the plumbing trade and are fully insured, licensed and well-known for our exceptional customer service.

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