Everyone knows the important role a plumber plays in fixing problems around your home such as a leaky tap or a blocked toilet. But there is less awareness of the expertise a gas plumber provides.

A gas plumber provides services that allow things we take for granted every day, such as being able to cook dinner on the stove, or taking a hot shower. Gas has a number of applications around the house, and because it’s clean burning and efficient, makes it a popular choice for keeping energy bills down.

Some of the most common household appliances that can use gas include ovens, cooktops, refrigerators, water heaters, air conditioners, and in hydronic heating.

While it’s great that gas appliances are more energy efficient, they can also be harmful if not installed correctly, or if problems aren’t fixed when they arise. That’s where a gas plumber if so important!

It is essential that you use a licensed gas fitter to undertake any work. In fact it’s illegal for gas work to be performed by someone who is unlicensed, not to mention dangerous!

In Victoria, gas fitters are licensed by the Plumbing Industry Council (PIC), which operates under the umbrella of the Victorian Building Authority (VBA). It is illegal in Victoria for gas fitting work to be carried out by anyone who has not proven their ability and received accreditation from the PIC. Find out more information on licensing here.

Specific gas fitter companies can safely maintain, repair or install gas appliances, but a number of plumbers also provide gas fitting services. These are the ones known as gas plumbers. Again, it’s important to make sure your plumber has the right experience and qualifications to perform such tasks, so be sure to ask a company if they have a license to perform gas fittings.

What tasks can a gas plumber do?

  • Gas fitting
  • Gas pipe relocation, removal and emergency gas pipe repair
  • Stove Installations
  • Gas hot water system installation, maintenance and removal
  • Gas leak detection
  • Gas BBQ Installations
  • Line renewals

Red Dog Plumbing are fully qualified gas fitters and have the right gas equipment to test for gas leaks in your home or office. Our team can quickly identify problems and fix any faulty gas pipes before they do harm.

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