Getting a blocked drain in your home is frustrating at the best of times. Whether it be at your kitchen sink, the shower or another area, the blockage can result in leaks, awful smells, and in worst case scenarios, flooding. Throw in the fact that you can no longer use the shower or sink until it’s fixed and it’s easy to see why a blocked drain is one of the main reasons a plumber receives a call out.

Here at Red Dog Plumbing we have provided some tips which can help to prevent blocked drains. “Won’t this reduce our need to call a plumber, thus giving you less business?” I hear you asking. Possibly. But we would prefer our clients to avoid issues before they occur, as we value customer satisfaction even before they are a customer! Who doesn’t like helping people?

Without further ado, here are the tips to prevent blockages and clogs:

Don’t Treat Your Toilet Like a Rubbish Bin

A toilet should only ever have to deal with your waste and the toilet paper. Anything else can cause serious blockages, even paper towels, personal wipes, cotton balls and female hygiene products. If you’re not sure, don’t flush it!

Avoid grease in the drain

Pouring grease down the drain is a sure fire way to block your kitchen sink. Grease and oil travel down your pipes and globs can steadily build up, known as “fatbergs”. Drain cleaners may clear out your pipes but it washes the grease into the sewer, and can create an even bigger problem there. Store cooking grease in an old tin or cardboard container and through it out with the rubbish.

Keep coffee grounds out of the drain

Much like grease, coffee grounds cause the majority of clogs in the sink. Unlike other foods, they don’t break down in the water and clump together, building up in the pipes. You should dispose of coffee grounds in the bin or put them on your mulch pile.

Use a mesh screen over your drains

A mesh screen will stop hair, soap scum, food and other debris from getting into the pipes where it can cause a blockage. A local plumbing supply shop will be able to help you out on the specific type of screen for your fixtures, which can simply be laid in place once you get home. Be sure to regularly empty the screens into the rubbish bin.

Baking soda and vinegar are your friends

As much as the major brands and marketing companies wouldn’t like you to believe, baking soda and vinegar are your best friends when it comes to cleaning and absorbing odours. Pouring baking soda immediately followed by vinegar down the sink causes a chemical reaction that helps clear away food and other particles. Waiting 15-20 minutes and then adding boiling hot water down the sink will also improve the results. Even without a blockage, doing this every couple of months can prevent build up and minimise your chances of a clogging.

What Happens if you get a Blocked Drain?

The above strategies are a great preventative measure for a blocked drain but they aren’t full proof. So if you find yourself with a blocked drain it’s best to call a licensed plumber. We specialise in blocked drains and are available 7 days a week for any plumbing emergency. For larger blockages we can organise a CCTV drain inspection which can save time and money.

And if you have a leaky roof you may have blockages in your guttering from leaves or other items. If that’s the case you will require roof plumbing.

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